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Ekit是一个HTML编辑器的Java Applet和应用。它允许加载和保存编辑好的HTML或保存为RTF格式的文件,还可以加载/保存经过Base64编码的Web安全文档。该编辑器支持HTML编辑器大部分常用的功能,也支持CSS


  • Cut, Copy, & Paste
  • Bold, Italic, Underline
  • Superscript & Subscript
  • Text Styles & Colors
  • Anchor Insertion
  • Table Editing
  • Form Support
  • Image Insertion
  • Find & Replace
  • CSS Support
  • Graphical Toolbar
  • Source Edit Window
  • Executable JAR file (with systems configured to run Java JARs)
  • Internationalization support & many language files
  • Build files for Unix, Mac OS X, Windows, and Apache Ant
  • Spell checking via the Jazzy open source spellchecker
  • Font selector dialog lets you use and view system fonts in your HTML page
  • Word processor style bullet lists
  • Better table handling and new table row and column menus
  • Load and save documents in web-safe Base64 encoding
  • Multiple toolbars
  • Self-signed applet version supports images, cut-and-paste, and other features
  • Unicode character insertion tools supports dingbats, math symbols, extended alphabets, and more
  • Improved icons and toolbars
  • Font selector dropdown
  • Configure applet menus and toolbar via PARAM tag
  • Insert images from URLs
  • Improved Java 2 compliance
  • Printing
  • Advanced table and cell editing
  • Paragraph or Break line terminators
  • New Blank or Styled Document choices, smart startup script, better clipdboard handling
  • Paste "plain text" option removes formatting from clipboard contents
  • Image dialogs have more tag properties available (width, height, alternate text)
  • Better list handling, including the ability to easily revert existing lists back to text