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    GroundWork Monitor Open Source provides a complete entry-level systems and network availability monitoring solution to ensure IT infrastructure uptime while identifying issues before they become real problems. It is the first totally integrated systems and network monitoring solution to deliver the basic functionality that systems administrators require in a free package.

    Due to its open source architecture, GroundWork Monitor Open Source provides significant flexibility and extensibility in meeting all systems and network monitoring needs through a combination of multiple techniques such as active, passive, agent-based, agent-less monitoring that can be configured easily to specific needs.

    GroundWork Monitor Open Source takes best-of-breed open source projects, including Nagios, Nmap, Sendpage, PHP, Apache, MySQL and more, and wraps them into a completely integrated software package for monitoring a range of platforms and device types including Linux, Unix, Windows, network devices, etc.

    GroundWork Monitor Open Source provides wide coverage for servers, routers, switches, network devices and other elements necessary for the smooth operation of your IT infrastructure. A modular architecture makes this possible with configuration through simple web interfaces, providing quick time-to-value. With real-time availability status views, historic trend reporting and a sophisticated alerting engine, you can proactively be in control of your entire IT environment.

    License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

    GroundWork amalgamates and supports established, mature projects including:

    • Nagios — for event handling and notification
    • Net-SNMP and SNMPTT — for network management protocol
    • RRDtool — for underlying data collection and management
    • Eclipse BIRT — for ad–hoc reporting
    • Ganglia — for grid and cluster monitoring
    • Cacti — for graphing and trending