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Apache Commons 是 Java 项目公共、可重用的基础类库。


  • Attributes: Runtime API to metadata attributes such as doclet tags.
  • BeanUtils: Easy-to-use wrappers around the Java reflection and introspection APIs.
  • Betwixt: Services for mapping JavaBeans to XML documents, and vice versa.
  • Chain: Chain of Responsibility pattern implemention.
  • CLI: Command Line arguments parser.
  • Codec: General encoding/decoding algorithms (for example phonetic, base64, URL).
  • Collections: Extends or augments the Java Collections Framework.
  • Compress: Defines an API for working with tar, zip and bzip2 files.
  • Configuration: Reading of configuration/preferences files in various formats.
  • Daemon: Alternative invocation mechanism for unix-daemon-like java code.
  • DBCP: Database connection pooling services.
  • DbUtils: JDBC helper library.
  • Digester: XML-to-Java-object mapping utility.
  • Discovery: Tools for locating resources by mapping service/reference names to resource names.
  • EL: Interpreter for the Expression Language defined by the JSP 2.0 specification.
  • Email: Library for sending e-mail from Java.
  • Exec: API for dealing with external process execution and environment management in Java.
  • FileUpload: File upload capability for your servlets and web applications.
  • IO: Collection of I/O utilities.
  • JCI: Java Compiler Interface
  • Jelly: XML based scripting and processing engine.
  • Jexl: Expression language which extends the Expression Language of the JSTL.
  • JXPath: Utilities for manipulating Java Beans using the XPath syntax.
  • Lang: Provides extra functionality for classes in java.lang.
  • Launcher: Cross platform Java application launcher.
  • Logging: Wrapper around a variety of logging API implementations.
  • Math: Lightweight, self-contained mathematics and statistics components.
  • Modeler: Mechanisms to create Model MBeans compatible with JMX specification.
  • Net: Collection of network utilities and protocol implementations.
  • Pool: Generic object pooling component.
  • Primitives: Smaller, faster and easier to work with types supporting Java primitive types.
  • Proxy: Library for creating dynamic proxies.
  • Sanselan: A pure-Java image library.
  • SCXML: An implementation of the State Chart XML specification aimed at creating and maintaining a Java SCXML engine. It is capable of executing a state machine defined using a SCXML document, and abstracts out the environment interfaces.
  • Transaction: Implementations for multi level locks, transactional collections and transactional file access.
  • Validator: Framework to define validators and validation rules in an xml file.
  • VFS: Virtual File System component for treating files, FTP, SMB, ZIP and such like as a single logical file system.