Open Source Business Library

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OSBL stands for Open Source Business Library. Its goal is to provide an open solution that efficiently supports work processes in a business environment. There are many Open Source components on the market, some of them of a very high quality, that provide solutions for individual aspects of this. However, individually they fall short in achieving a solution; the decisive factor is their integration into a coherent whole. The purpose of the OSBL is to achieve this integration. It combines several well-known Open Source Java components in a way that allows for an easy and effective implementation of process-driven web applications.

  • WEB 2.0

RSS feeds are provided for task lists and subject lists, All objects are accessible via deep links

  • AJAX

The web user interfaces uses AJAX for incremental page updates in a completely transparent manner (wingS)

  • BPM

At the heart of the OSBL, an object oriented process engine is doing the job (con:cern)

  • SOA

The Spring Framework along with XFire is used to access external services and expose internal services.

Internal Components

  • con:cern
  • con:form
  • con:trol
  • con:cept
  • business basics

External Components