Apache Camel

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Apache Camel is a powerful Spring based Integration Framework.

Apache Camel 是一个代码先行的工具,它允许开发者在无须学习厂商定制和复杂的底层技术的情况下进行精密的大规模集成。Camel使用Java领域说明性专用语言来连接信息系统和配置路由和调解规则,在POJO基础上实施企业整合模式。这样,就能使得开发人员不必阅读一页又一页的诸如JMS或JBI之类的技术规范,也不用处理较低级别的Spring框架就可以直接设计和建立面向服务架构(SOA)。

开源Apache Camel简化SOA实施进程

Camel implements the Enterprise Integration Patterns allowing you to configure routing and mediation rules in either a Java based Domain Specific Language (or Fluent API) or via Spring based Xml Configuration files. Either approaches mean you get smart completion of routing rules in your IDE whether in your Java or XML editor.

Apache Camel uses URIs so that it can easily work directly with any kind of Transport or messaging model such as HTTP, ActiveMQ, JMS, JBI, SCA, MINA or CXF Bus API together with working with pluggable Data Format options. Apache Camel is a small library which has minimal dependencies for easy embedding in any Java application.

Apache Camel can be used as a routing and mediation engine for the following projects:

  • Apache ActiveMQ which is the most popular and powerful open source message broker
  • Apache CXF which is a smart web services suite (JAX-WS)
  • Apache MINA a networking framework
  • Apache ServiceMix which is the most popular and powerful distributed open source ESB and JBI container