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Calyxo framework encourages in MVC model 2 based web application development. It offers support for true modular applications, i18n, a flexible view manager, a powerful validation engine, and more! Calyxo is entirely written in Java and builds on the latest Servlet and JSP technologies.

Calyxo一个基于MVC模式的Web框架.它为开发真正模块化的应用程序提供支持.它还包括支持i18n,一个灵活视图管理器和一个强大验证引擎等.Calyxo被分成五个组件分别为:1.Calyxo Base,2.Calyxo Control,3.Calyxo Panels,4.Calyxo Forms,5.Calyxo Struts(这个组件的目的是让Calyxo的其它组件可结合到Struts框架中,比如Calyxo Panels与Calyxo Forms可被用来替代Struts Tiles与Struts Validator在Struts中的使用).


  • Calyxo Base – this component collects some of the basic, reusable classes used throughout all the other components. It introduces basic concepts like modules, i18n, accessors and so on...
  • Calyxo Control – this component implements the Calyxo controller. Calyxo uses an approach similar to Struts here, so Struts users should feel familiar with Calyxo from the start. Calyxo Control may be considered as the "main part" of the Calyxo platform.
  • Calyxo Forms – this component allows the definition of forms, along with all their validation steps and lets you map inputs to properties of a data object. Complex validations, dependencies between inputs and mapping an input to a set of properties are supported. The Calyxo Forms JSP tag library provides replacements for HTML elements related to forms.
  • Calyxo Panels – this component allows the definition of pages in a container/component manner. Pages are dynamically composed from a tree of page fragments. Panel definitions may be nested to arbitrary depth and may use inheritance.
  • Calyxo Struts – this component focuses on integrating Calyxo parts into the very popular Apache Struts framework. The Calyxo Panels and Calyxo Forms components may be used with Struts to replace Struts Tiles and the Struts Validator.