File system

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Journalling and Log-structured Filesystems

  • Reiserfs: A tree-structured filesystem which journals updates. It is available with most 2.4 and later kernels.
  • Ext3: Stephen Tweedie's journalling version of the ext2 filesystem. It is available with most 2.4 and later kernels.
  • JFS: IBM's journalled filesystem technology. It is available with many Linux distributions.
  • XFS: SGI's journalled filesystem technology.
  • LinLogFS: A log structured filesystem for Linux
  • Intermezzo: A distributed file system which lets systems replicate directory trees. It is a standard part of 2.4 and later kernels. It isn't precisely what most people would call a cluster filesystem, but it's related.

Cluster Filesystems

  • Hadoop Distributed File System
  • Lustre: Lustre is a novel storage and file system architecture and implementation which does not follow the block device paradigm. The central target in this project is the development of a next-generation cluster file system which can serve clusters with 10,000's of nodes, petabytes of storage, move 100's of GB/sec. Lustre is in trial production in several sites across the world.
  • GFS: The Global Filesystem - fault tolerant, distributed, very cool, etc. GFS is both a cluster filesystem and a journalled filesystem.
  • The CODA distributed, fault-tolerant filesystem
  • Oracle Cluster File System (OCFS): enterprise-class open-source cluster file system

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