Lively Kernel

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The Sun Labs Lively Kernel a highly dynamic web programming environment built around JavaScript, asynchronous networking and other existing web technologies. The Lively Kernel and applications built for it are intended to run in a regular web browser with no installation or plug-in components whatsoever. The system even includes development tools that allow JavaScript applications to be inspected and modified from within the system itself. In this tutorial we provide a step-by-step summary of the main features of the system. Note that the Lively Kernel applications aren't usally run inside HTML web pages. However, in this tutorial we have used the conventional HTML format so that the features of the system can be viewed also by people who do not have a compatible web browser.


In order to run all the examples properly, you will need a compatible web browser such as Apple Safari 3.0 or Mozilla Firefox 3.0. For best viewing experience and performance, we recommend Safari 3.0. With Mozilla Firefox, many of the features still don't work fully, and the performance of the system may be inadequate. Note that the Lively Kernel currently doesn't run in Microsoft Internet Explorer. We hope to have support for Internet Explorer available soon.