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OLAT - the web-based Open Source Learning Management System (LMS). OLAT is open source, 100% Java and completely free of charge.

Apache License 2.0

OLAT is participating at Google's Summer of Code program 2008







jar xf OLAT-LMS- WEB-INF/classes/database/postgresql/setupDatabase.sql
cd WEB-INF/classes/database/
导入 setupDatabase.sql 

vim conf/server.xml

<Context path="/olat" docBase="olat"  
    debug="0" reloadable="false"/> 
<Connector port="8080" minProcessors="2" maxProcessors="100" 
URIEncoding="utf-8" debug="0"/> 

jar xf OLAT-LMS- WEB-INF/classes/serverconfig/olat.properties

using the easy installer from http://download.huihoo.com/olat/
cd /Applications/OLAT
administrator / olat
author / test
learner / test
test/ test
test2 / test
test3 / test
OLAT for best open source learning platform



General Overview

  • Open Source (Apache 2 License)
  • Java based framework (Brasato) with special Accessibility-mode, HTML based frontend GUI (XHTML 1.0)
  • AJAX/Web 2.0 enabled
  • Entirely multilingual, UTF8 supported, online translation tool
  • Supports standards such as IMS CP, SCORM, QTI etc.
  • Server requirements: With OLAT, there is no need for a high-end server!
  • CSS framework YAML: Increased robustness and browser-compatibility of entire layout.
  • Portlets on HOME-tab are configurable
10th OLAT Birthday

Users & Groups

  • Unlimited number of accounts
  • Different roles
  • Various authentication methods
  • Administrators can add, modify or delete users
  • Personalized authoring and learning environment
  • Manage your files via HTTP or WebDAV
  • Configure your personal home portal
  • Calendar (per course, per group and combined personal calendar)
  • Be up-to-date as regards news and changes via e-mail or RSS feed
  • Full-text search
  • Share resources with other authors (learning resource repository)
  • Form your own project groups and invite buddies
  • Use discussion forums, file share space, contact forms etc.
  • Instant Messenger: See who is online and chat with others using either the integrated chat client (AJAX based) or an external Jabber client

Authentication Options

  • Users can create their own accounts (with/without approval by administrators)
  • Direct login into OLAT with OLAT user name and password
  • Access file system via WebDAV login
  • Full Shibboleth integration
  • Single sign-on e.g. via Switch AAI
  • Control access to courses by means of AAI attributes

Course Management

  • Flexible course system
  • Based on IMS Learning design concepts
  • Create a personalized course structure according to your needs
  • Course editor: create your course using OLAT course elements
  • Group management: manage your learners
  • Rights management: grant specific users access to course tools
  • Assessment tool: assess your learners
  • Archive tool: download log files or runtime data and import/export courses
  • Create your own course layout using CSS

Course Elements OLAT Offers

  • Wiki
  • Single pages with integrated WYSIWYG HTML editor
  • Include external pages or sites via tunneling
  • Both termSCORM and termIMS Content Packages
  • Forums and "file dialog" element to discuss papers
  • Folders for download material
  • Tasks with drop box, sample solution and scores
  • Tests (with scores) and self-tests (anonymous, no scores) based on QTI standard
  • Questionnaire for course evaluations
  • Enrollment for groups (by student or tutor or both) with wait lists
  • Contact forms for easy communication with group members or tutors

Online Help and Documentation

  • Extensive context-sensitive help
  • User manual available as HTML or PDF
  • Demo courses and course templates
  • Comprehensive help, manual, tutorials and discussion forum


  • Entirely supports UTF8
  • Our main translations: German, English, French, Italian and Spanish
  • Community translations: Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Polish, Lithuanian, Danish, Greek, Chinese (traditional and simplified) and Farsi (Persian)
  • Under development: Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian (Bahasa), Rumantsch and Turkish
  • Online translation tool (translator can access our translation tool from anywhere)

More details: http://www.olat.org/website/en/html/about_features.html

Use Projects



OLAT 6.1.1 启动后的Threads信息 Current Threads: about 19 threads, 1 groups

Thread: (alive = true, interrupted: false, group:main) main
Thread: (alive = true, interrupted: false, group:main) TaskExecutorThread
Thread: (alive = true, interrupted: false, group:main) QuartzScheduler_Worker-1
Thread: (alive = true, interrupted: false, group:main) QuartzScheduler_Worker-2
Thread: (alive = true, interrupted: false, group:main) QuartzScheduler_Worker-3
Thread: (alive = true, interrupted: false, group:main) QuartzScheduler_Worker-4
Thread: (alive = true, interrupted: false, group:main) QuartzScheduler_Worker-5
Thread: (alive = true, interrupted: false, group:main) Thread-1
Thread: (alive = true, interrupted: false, group:main) ContainerBackgroundProcessor[StandardEngine[Catalina]]
Thread: (alive = true, interrupted: false, group:main) http-8080-Processor1
Thread: (alive = true, interrupted: false, group:main) http-8080-Processor2
Thread: (alive = true, interrupted: false, group:main) http-8080-Processor3
Thread: (alive = true, interrupted: false, group:main) http-8080-Processor4
Thread: (alive = true, interrupted: false, group:main) http-8080-Monitor
Thread: (alive = true, interrupted: false, group:main) http-8080-Processor5
Thread: (alive = true, interrupted: false, group:main) http-8080-Processor6
Thread: (alive = true, interrupted: false, group:main) http-8080-Processor7
Thread: (alive = true, interrupted: false, group:main) http-8080-Processor8
Thread: (alive = true, interrupted: false, group:QuartzScheduler:QuartzScheduler) QuartzScheduler_QuartzSchedulerThread


Hibernate database access statistics

Hibernate.ConnectCount : 24
Hibernate.FlushCount : 20
Hibernate.SessionOpenCount : 43
Hibernate.SessionCloseCount : 42
Hibernate.QueryExecutionCount : 170
Hibernate.QueryExecutionMaxTime : 16
Hibernate.QueryCacheHitCount : 79
Hibernate.QueryCacheMissCount : 71
Hibernate.queryCacheHitRatio : 0
Hibernate.TransactionCount : 24
Hibernate.SuccessfulTransactionCount : 24




Scala 引入 OLAT


先导出已有的中文包, 修改补充后在导入.




OpenOLAT 是基于OLAT的衍生版本,发展速度似乎更快。