Open Telecom Platform

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开放电信平台(Open Telecom Platform, OTP) 是个强大的软件包,你可以用它所提供的很多工具来构建一个分布式的并发服务。

The open telecom platform (OTP) is a development system platform for building telecommunications applications, and a control system platform for running them. The platform, whose aim is to reduce time to market, enables designers to build – from standard, commercially available computer platforms – a highly-productive development environment that is based on the programming language Erlang. The OTP also permits application designers who program in C, C++, Java and other languages to take full advantage of sourced components. Moreover, the OTP allows designers to consider costs when matching computer platforms with requirements for processing power and component availability.

The author outlines the OTP system architecture, its tools and building blocks, while describing the strengths of the open telecom platform as either a development environment or as a target system.