Oscar Bundle Repository

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OBR is an incubator and repository for OSGi bundles.

OBR has two two main goals:

  • Provide a repository of useful and/or didactic bundles that can be easily deployed into existing OSGi frameworks.
  • Promote a community effort around bundle creation by increasing the visibility of individual bundles.

The main approach that OBR uses to achieve these goals is to provide simple access mechanisms for the bundles in the repository. Consequently, there are multiple ways to access the repository bundles:

  • Web access - all bundles in the OBR repository are accessible via this web page.
  • Programmatic access - the Bundle Repository bundle provides an OSGi service for dynamically deploying repository bundles and the transitive closure of their deployment dependencies into an executing OSGi framework.
  • Interactive access - the Bundle Repository bundle also provides a shell command for Oscar's Shell Service bundle, so if you are using Oscar you can interactively type OBR commands at Oscar's shell prompt. Additionally, the Shell Plugin bundle provides a GUI interface for the Shell GUI bundle.

While many of the bundles were developed for the Oscar OSGi framework implementation, they should work with other implementations, such as Knopflerfish.