WSO2 Mashup Server

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The WSO2 Mashup Server provides a platform for rapidly deploying Web Service Mashups.

It provides a host for using dynamic web-friendly languages such as JavaScript and with Ecmascript4XML extensions to

  • Quickly consume Web Services
  • Mix and mash the received information
  • Deploy the result as a new Web Service

New services can be deployed at your choice of WS-* or REST endpoints, and automatically exposes a full range of metadata and including WSDL 2.0, WSDL 1.1, XML Schema, and a fully AJAX Try-it page.

Built-in components to bridge between Web Services and other information sources such as Web pages are also provided.

Together with the WSO2 WSF/AJAX XPI, WSO2 Mashup Server allows service composition logic to be easily migrated between client and server - the same Javascript runs in both places. And with built-in support for sharing mashups and migrating services between WSO2 Mashup Server instances, it provides the seed for a growing community of services with appeal to both Enterprise and individual users.